FaroArm® – Portable 3D Measurement Arms

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FaroArm® – Portable 3D Measurement Arms


For more than 35 years, FARO has designed, developed and delivered the most trusted metrology arm technology in the market. FARO is recognized as the world’s most innovative portable CMM manufacturer. The 8-Axis Quantum FaroArm® V2 and ScanArm deliver the best in class, as the world’s only 8-Axis 3D measuring arm solution, with available non-contact laser scanning capabilities.

As the go-to CMM for virtually any application, the FaroArm is available in three different models with various system integrations. These include QuantumS V2, QuantumM V2, and QuantumE V2; with several laser line probe options. It is also available as part of a combined Super 6DoF TrackArm solution, when integrated with a FARO Vantage laser tracker system, for large complex inspection applications.

As the first portable CMM arm in the market to be internationally certified to ISO 10360-12 standards, FARO has the ideal inspection tool solution, when accuracy is a must! Designed with consistency and reliability in mind, the FARO 3D measuring arm performs in a wide range of work environments including extreme temperatures, shop floors, and mobile environments.


Comparison of Quantum Arms QuantumE V2 QuantumM V2 QuantumS V2
Sizes, Axes
7-Axis Arm (Required for Laser Line Probe)
6-Axis Arm  
1.5 Meter  
2.5 Meter
3.0 Meter
3.5 Meter
4 Meter
ISO 10360-12 Certified
ISO 10360-8 Annex D Certified (with Laser Line Probe)
8-Axis Scanning Platform
ScanArm (options below)
FAROBlu HD Laser Line Probe
Standard Features
Hot-Swappable Batteries
High-Speed WiFi

Measurement Arms

QuantumS V2
This flagship arm establishes a new industry performance bar and extends our tradition of maximum measurement consistency and reliability in every working environment. It delivers best-in-class performance for both hard probing and laser scanning applications. The portable CMM helps manufacturers stay ahead of their competitors in an increasingly global manufacturing marketplace, by empowering better quality assurance and ensuring maximum customer confidence in their products and processes.

QuantumM V2
The reference standard CMM for companies looking for a robust, reliable factory or shop-floor inspection solution with an excellent price/performance ratio. It has been developed for organizations that want to extend their manufacturing performance, reduce scrap and waste, and improve their production efficiencies through high-end quality inspection technology.

QuantumE V2
This is our entry-level portable coordinate measurement machine for organizations looking for a cost-effective factory inspection solution. Reliable and robust, this portable CMM enables manufacturers to have full confidence in their quality assurance processes and ensure high quality production.

Laser Line Probes & 8-Axis Platform

When a Laser Line Probe (LLP) is attached to a FaroArm, it becomes a ScanArm, capable of delivering up to 600K metrology points per second.

Combined with the top-of-the-line FAROBlu® Laser Line Probe, the Quantum CMM family provides unparalleled non-contact scanning capabilities, offering high-speed point cloud capture, superior resolution and high accuracy.

Prizm Color LLP
When used in combination with the Prizm™ Laser Line Probe, a Quantum CMM delivers uncompromising levels of performance for all applications requiring accurate color point cloud data capture. The Prizm is the world’s only color laser line probe for portable measurement arms.

8-Axis Scanning Platform
An industry first, the integrated 8-Axis rotary scanning platform decreases scan time up to 40%, while maintaining accuracy. Rotate the part to you, with the ultimate CMM system available today. The 8-Axis unit is available with all Quantum models.

As the first portable CMM arm in the market to be internationally certified to ISO 10360 standards, we are the inspection tool solution, when accuracy is a must! Designed with consistency and reliability in mind, the FARO 3D measuring arm will perform in a wide range of work environments; including extreme temperatures, shop floors, and mobile environments.

Download the Techsheet or read the latest blog article about the FaroArm.


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