Quantum Max FaroArm and ScanArm Brochure


Since 1995, FARO® has produced the world’s most trusted portable CMM—the FaroArm®. When it comes to performing accurate 3D measurement and inspection on small to medium sized parts, no tool can match the utility, speed and accuracy of the FARO ScanArm.

Leading aerospace, machining, assembly, and automotive manufacturers rely on this highly versatile precision measurement device to easily capture the data they need on the shop floor, in the field and in any environment including extreme temperatures. And when a part or tool is so difficult to reach that contact probes cannot capture all of its measurements, manufacturers utilize the non-contact functionality of the FARO Quantum ScanArm to do the job. At the heart of the Quantum ScanArm is the Laser Line Probe (LLP), capable of capturing tens of millions of data points with ease.

Now, the tradition continues with the all-new Quantum Max ScanArm and its three hot-swappable LLPs that meet any measurement need. With options to dramatically increase the scanning speed or resolution, the FARO® Quantum Max FaroArm gets the job done as quickly and precisely as possible. With maximum flexibility, extended arm reach and a redesigned end effector with dual kinematic LLP mounts, value and productivity is maximized by over 30%.

The Quantum Max is the fastest, most detailed non-contact measuring machine available on the market today, accelerating project completion time while enhancing overall productivity.

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