Dimensional Analysis

Dimensional Analysis
Dimensional Analysis
Dimensional Analysis
Dimensional Analysis

Machined parts come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes, and flexible 3D metrology tools for part inspection and dimensional analysis are required to verify their accuracy and quality.

Many machine shops are now equipped with portable CMMs from FARO, such as measuring arms and laser trackers. These meet a variety of dimensional measurement needs, such as on-machine and in-line inspection and CAD comparison, to ensure proper tolerances are achieved.

Laser Scanning Supports State-of-the-art Ancient Tomb Study

Heritage: Okayama University Seki Engineer Service
On 26 November 2014, the Sanyo Shimbun newspaper in Japan published an article entitled ‘Discovery of a Rectangular Ancient Tomb’. Located in Soja, Okayama, and measuring 65m in length, the old tomb was named the Ancient Tomb of Mount Chausu. Earlier in the year a local resident first discovered what looked like an “ancient tomb”. Upon further investigation, it was confirmed that this was indeed one of the largest rectangular tombs within the prefecture.

Rohag Singapore Achieves 40% Time-savings on Inspection Checks with FaroArm

Machine Shop: Rohag Singapore Pte. Ltd.
One of the first few advantages that Rohag noticed was the time-savings that it enjoyed almost immediately. Mr. Lee recalled, “An inspection job used to take us around 5 hours to complete, but using the FaroArm, it would only require 3 hours. That’s a 40% improvement!”

High-precision Assembly Crucial for Facility and Machinery Manufacturer

Mechanical Engineering: Fuji Engineering Co., Ltd.
Mr. Shinichi Takada from the Design team said, “Since introducing the FARO Gage, we have not received a single complaint from customers. The greatest benefit from this is our newfound confidence in our products.

FARO Injects Confidence into HPH Technologies

Mechanical Engineering: HPH Technologies
Mr. Lim revealed, “Through the detailed sessions, we were convinced that the Vantage served our needs perfectly. The Vantage streamlines our quality checks, enabling us to meet tight delivery timelines even for complex orders.

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