FARO® Zone 2D Software

Accurately create diagrams for crash reports, crime and fire investigations, and pre-incident planning.

FARO<sup>®</sup> Zone 2D Software

FARO® Zone 2D Public Safety Diagramming Software

Use FARO Zone 2D to quickly create all your 2D diagrams for law enforcement, the fire service, and insurance. This innovative software application is ideal for creating diagrams for state crash reports, 2D crime and fire scene diagrams, fire service pre-incident plans, fire-protection site plans, and much more.

Developed by the world leader in crash, crime, and fire scene diagramming, FARO Zone 2D is the next generation of public safety diagramming software. FARO’s development team has more than a 25 year history of producing public safety’s best diagramming software and FARO Zone 2D continues that tradition.

With FARO Zone 2D, it’s fast and easy to create detailed, accurate diagrams. Start with a perfectly sized satellite map, bring in a top-down view of a point cloud from your laser scanner, import total station data, or enter hand measurements in baseline or triangulation format. You can even merge data from all of these sources and import drawings from other CAD applications.

Add text, dimensions, and any of the thousands of pre-drawn symbols to diagram exterior and interior scenes. Browse the symbol pallets or use the Symbol Search tool to find exactly the symbol you want. Change the position, size, rotation and color of symbols with just a couple clicks.

Unique Power Tools automate much of your work when drawing streets, intersections, and buildings with windows, doors, and stairs. Just point and click to diagram the intersection in your scene, add or remove lanes, change centerlines, add crosswalks, turn lanes, and stop bars.

FARO Zone 2D can open diagrams created in other FARO Public Safety software, including CrashZone, CrimeZone, FireZone, Quick Scene, Easy Plan, and Blitz.

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