Requiring precision assembly in tough industrial environments, components used in shipbuilding and naval engineering must be verified against design specifications to ensure proper fit.

Providing a fast and accurate way to inspect ship parts and components during boat construction, portable 3D measurement solutions from FARO, such as the FARO Laser Tracker, can be used to install components directly to the ship itself. Digitizing hulls and existing conditions, 3D laser scanning solutions from FARO allows for the captures of 3D as-built documentation for repair or restoration.

FARO Provides Marine Surveyors with Accurate Measurements of Tanker Cargo Hold

Shipbuilding: Intertek Testing Services Korea Ltd.
Since investing in the Focus3D, Intertek has been able to overcome several difficulties that it used to face in the past. For instance, with older tankers, customers often have no design drawings of the ship. With the Focus3D, the team can accurately measure any part of the ship quickly and easily, capturing even rounded and curved parts that the total station had difficulty with. Now, Intertek uses the Focus3D in the shipyards, mainly for new shipbuilding projects and for volumetric measurements of cargo holds on existing vessels.

Shipping Industry Goes Full Swing in the Installation of Ballast Water Treatment Systems

Ship Building: Sanwa Dock Co Ltd
Motivated by the shipping industry’s need, a joint study group named “The Effective Use of 3D Laser Scanner” was founded, and the study explored the use of a 3D laser scanner to design the ballast water treatment system.

Development of Accuracy Evaluation System for Curved Shell Plates Using Laser Scanners

Ship Building: Sumitomo Heavy Industries Marine & Engineering Co.,Ltd
What gives a ship its shapely exteriors are the “curved shell plates” made from large, thick plates of steel, covering the entire ship from stern to bow with complex three-dimensional (3D) curves. Hundreds of shell plates are utilized in the structure of a ship, but only two of them are made to be similar, one used on each side of the ship body.

Machining Specialist Achieves Higher Accuracy Within Half the Time with FARO Laser Tracker

Shipbuilding: Self Levelling Metal Machines
Smart engineering and technology have often been the key drivers for any kind of industrial development. In particular, the science of Precision Engineering has been and still is a core enabler for complex manufacturing processes in manufacturing. One such company that contributes to the Precision Engineering industry is Self Levelling Metal Machines Pte Ltd (SLMM), part of the Self Levelling Machines (SLM) global network.

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