FARO® Zone 3D 2018

FARO® Zone 3D is the first of its kind to enable investigators to move fluidly between 2D and 3D environments and enhance the quality of their incident reconstructions, analysis, pre-incident plans, and courtroom presentations.


FARO® Zone 3D for Public Safety Professionals

FARO Zone 3D is a revolutionary software application for public safety and security professionals. Now, everyone can produce stunning visuals with precise 2D and 3D diagrams, accurate analysis, and compelling animations and fly-throughs.

  • Take the pain out of scene documentation: Leverage FARO Zone 3D’s Smart Tools for forensic investigators and security professionals
  • Bring all your data together: Use measurements from many different sources to analyze the scene, including manual measurements, drones, total stations, and laser scanners
  • Make an impact in court: Create accurate, 2D and 3D diagrams, 3D scene fly-throughs, and stunning animations
  • Plan and be prepared: Enhance your the ability to plan for, and respond more effectively to emergencies, by creating accurate representations of real-world locations within local communities

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